Student Visa Consultancy:

FA&A Consultants is an overseas educational support organization based at Pakistan, dedicated towards providing education consultancy services to Pakistani students in making educational avenues abroad accessible to them. Education abroad programs have always fascinated the Pakistani students. While in the British period, the favorite destination used to be U.K., at the present age the number of favorite education destinations of the Pakistani students has multiplied. Although America attracts most of the students, study abroad programs of Canada, New Zealand, Australia, U.K., Germany, Malaysia, Holland, Turkey, China, Sweden, and various other countries of Asia, and Europe are also attracting the students for education abroad. FA&A has wide exposure in overseas education. FA&A is one of the most specialized overseas educational consultants in Pakistan providing life stunning opportunities by connecting its students with the top ranking educational institutions around the globe. FA&A is also renowned in providing expert visa & informational guidance according to the respective high commission’s requirements and has the good reputation in securing university & college admissions leading to securing student visas.

We counsel, refer and process the applications of eligible students for placement in overseas colleges and universities, in return they respond to the students of Pakistan with a view to encourage a cross cultural dimensions in the field of education.

Our Objectives:

Prime objective of FA&A is to enable students to compete successfully in other continents and to adopt productive roles in society as professionals and intellectuals.

FA&A Overseas Education feels pride for being an innovative organization dedicated to quality of education. Our mission is to provide quality and multifarious consultancy in education and training. FA&A is a fast growing foreign education solutions provider, our comprehensive approach allows students to access the multiple areas where Counselors advise students on educational opportunities at top colleges and universities in UK, CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA, and NEWZEALAND, MALAYSIA and assist them about admissions and career choices. FA&A gives educational services, guidance and consultation on individual basis to students.

Our Services:

  • Admission Application Processing
  • Student Case Assessments
  • Student Visa Guidance
  • Cost Effective, No Hidden Charges

Face to Face Consultation:

The face to face consultation service gives an opportunity to students to meet our experienced education & career counselors, who assist students and provide them proper guidance about their academics & career. Most of all we give answers of obscured questions that you wish to ask and get sufficient satisfaction.

Case Filing & Representation:

As we are authorized representative, so we submit your case to respective institution. We also prepare your detailed file and represent in a proper manner.

Case Follow Up & Regular Updates:

Our counselor does regular follow – ups with the colleges/ universities and updates you regarding any change in rules and regulations related to your case.

Post Landing Services & Onshore Accommodations Search Assistance:

Airport Pickup (On request), we can arrange pickup service from airport to the institution/ any particular destination. We can also provide services relating to get accommodation and search assistance for the same.

Sales Force Recruitment:

FA&A is Pakistan’s #1 sales force recruitment firm which has a data of more than two million sales force across Pakistan & Middle East. Since we are experienced so we know how a sales person looks like and what a sales person should be made of. The recruitment process starts with a detailed description of the candidate profile and job requirements. Within 12 hours we will come with a short list of 5 persons that will have a final interview with you.


We provide various trainings to the corporate world. Before training to the corporate world, FA&A consider the following points:

  • Thought leadership and influence on leadership training industry
  • Industry recognition and innovation
  • Breadth of programs and audiences served
  • Delivery methods offered
  • Company size and growth potential
  • Strength of clients
  • Geographic reach
  • Experience in serving the market

Our most popular trainings are:

  • Leadership skills for production supervisors
  • Maximizing profits through the integration of lean, six sigma, and the theory of constraints
  • Mastering the business email
  • Finance and accounting for non-financial personnel
  • Body language training
  • Customer service for health care professionals
  • Train the trainer
  • Warehouse management
  • Business writing
  • Public speaking and presentation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Workplace diversity
  • Fundamental selling techniques for the new or prospective salesperson

Test Preparation:

We are the Pakistan’s #1 test preparation center since 1991. Mr. Fahim Abbasi is the author of bestselling test prep books around the globe. We prepare students for SAT-I & II , GRE, GMAT,LSAT,ACT,TOEFL, IELTS, ECAT,MCAT,BCAT, GAT and other competitive exams. We also provide online test prep services to the students around the world.

Knowledge Management:

FA&A are leading knowledge management consultants helping organizations of any size to deliver tangible business value from their knowledge; by designing knowledge management strategies and frameworks, delivering knowledge management initiatives, and providing essential knowledge management toolkits. FA&A's know-how, honed by working with world leaders in knowledge management over several years, helps clients in any sector improve performance and increase profitability through FA&A.

Assessment and benchmarking Implementation planning Lesson learned system assessment
FA&A accreditation FA&A organizational design Lessons system design
Preparation for ISO 9001 Project FA&A plans Lessons capture services
Knowledge scan FA&A pilot projects Lessons analysis
FA&A Strategy FA&A Training Project Learning systems
Retention and transfer strategy Knowledge Asset creation
FA&A Framework design FA&A coaching
FA&A Valuation
FA&A Governance
After Action Review Learning culture introduction FA&A Assessment by survey
Peer Assist Learning culture audit FA&A Assessment one-day workshop
Lessons Capture Learning culture follow-up FA&A Strategy by survey
Knowledge Exchange FA&A Strategy one-day workshop
Knowledge Handover Knowledge Scan by survey
Knowledge Markets FA&A culture survey
Learning History Introductory workshop
Interview FA&A Proof of Concept
Knowledge asset creation
Knowledge Gap Analysis
An audience with an expert
CoP Launch
CoP Maturity assessment
Training for CoP leaders
Coaching for CoP leaders

The principle goal of knowledge management is to locate, harvest, and share knowledge so individuals and teams can use it to enhance organizational focus and performance. Through experiences with top-performing global companies The FA&A has identified a direct link between effective knowledge management and value creation.

A firm's knowledge always has been key to its competitive advantage. Until now, most companies have not actively managed this critical asset. The new interest in knowledge-driven growth springs from the convergence of several major trends. Together, they are making it more necessary and also more possible to manage what an organization knows.

We can also assist you with the following areas of specialization:

  • Market assessment
  • Competitor evaluation
  • Market research
  • Quantitative process modeling
  • Strategy
  • Application integration and deployment