Offered year-round to high-intermediate and advanced students, TOEFL Test Preparation is an intensive, course that prepares students for the iBT TOEFL Test. In addition to teaching general skills such as grammar, vocabulary and communications skills, our highly qualified instructors will teach TOEFL-specific skills utilizing real TOEFL materials. Through the instructor’s use of TOEFL practice tests and practice questions that focus on the TOEFL reading, writing, speaking, and listening sections, you will learn how to achieve a high score on the TOEFL test. Our instructors also teach test-taking strategies that include time-management and question management. Instructors provide individualized help during class on needed areas of improvement based on your English skills and practice test scores on each section.

  • Level requirements: Intermediate to proficiency
  • Class size: Average 9-10 students. Maximum 12 students
  • Age: Minimum of 16 years old. No maximum age requirement

Online Course: We also offer one-on-one online course.